Cutting-edge output, huge versatility.

Due to its unparalleled cutting performance, the MOFEX is used all over the world for the production and manufacture of high-quality materials and products. For all applications where high-cost materials must be processed with the utmost precision and efficiency, the MOFEX increases the cost effectiveness of production processes by reducing material wastage and eliminating time-consuming work steps.

Experts from numerous sectors of industry appreciate the benefits of the MOFEX. In all applications where fibreglass and carbon fibres, Kevlar or Aramit fibres are processed, the Universal Electric Cutter from Willich can apply its strengths: for example in a range of cutting-edge technologies from automobile prototypes and aircraft and ship building f to the production of fire-resistant protective clothing and modern wind energy systems. Thanks to its flexible settings and optimally aligned components, the MOFEX is the perfect cutting tool for a wide range of materials including rubber, plastics and textiles.

  Shearing Foot A Shearing Foot B
Material Blade A/N Blade A/W Blade B Blade B/T Blade B/T-K
Sheet steel up to 1.3 mm        
V2A stainless up to 1 mm        
NE metals up to 2 mm        
Wire mesh        
Synthetic materials        
Sealing material        
PVC coverings      
Artificial leather      
Conveyor belts      
Coco mats        
Upholstery material        
Tent fabric        
Foam rubber        
Styrofoam up to 3 mm        
Fibreglass mats        
Glass fibres      
Kevlar fibres      
Carbon fibres