Precision and efficiency at the push of a button.

The unparalleled qualities of the MOFEX are convincing in all kinds of cutting processes. The famous “drawing cut” technique enables easy handling and smooth operation of the cutting tool, even on the stiffest and thickest materials. Contrary to other systems that operate on the principle of pushing the machine tool through the material, the MOFEX works with a swinging blade for cleaner and more precise cuts. With minimum power output, straight and radial cuts can be performed quickly, precisely and bur-free: the material being cut stays flat and costly material wastage is prevented.

The optimally aligned components of the MOFEX work effectively in perfect coordination: a combination of high-output motor and blades of hardened steel with a titanium nitride coating offers a smooth and even cutting output, creating the best possible basis for high-quality cuts. Maximum output and durability are guaranteed by the first-class workmanship of MOFEX machine tools.